Sr. Scholarship Application Form

A $1000 Talent On Parade Senior Scholarship will be presented to a graduating senior at each of our national events.

To be considered you must satisfy the following requirements:

1. You must be a senior in high school in the 2018 season and on track for spring graduation.
2. You must perform and qualify at a 2018 TOP regional competition as a soloist, or as a member of a duet, trio, or group.
3. You must enter as a soloist, or as a member of a duet, trio, or group at a 2018 TOP National event.
4. You must complete this form in full and submit by the deadline.
5. You must submit with this form, in writing (up to 500 words), how dance has affected your life to this point, and where you believe it make take you in the future.
6. You must also uplaod with this form a photo of yourself (preferably a head-and-shoulders shot, not in costume).


  • Submit Form, Picture, and Essay, by May 22 by clicking the Submit button below. Talent On Parade, LLC. reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and for any reason.