Registration Information Dance Directive



Entry to Dance Directive is processed via the Dance Comp Genie registration system (link below). Please note the following 2 items prior to registering for Dance Directive.


  1. Deadline for paid-in-full entries is 16 days prior to the day of classes.
  2. If you received a scholarship for any of the dancers you intend to register you’ll need to email us to request a coupon code BEFORE YOU BEGIN the registration process. In your email to include the name of your studio, and the name of the student(s) you are requesting the code(s) for. Include also the show location in which the scholarship was awarded, and for groups, the song title the act was entered under. We will then confirm the scholarship(s) and reply to your email with the appropriate code(s) and instructions on how to apply them. Please be aware that TOP scholarships are non-transferable for any reason. Only those exact dancers who were awarded the scholarship as were listed in the event program are eligible to redeem it.

As always, never hesitate to contact us with any questions.