Rebate Form




A 5% rebate on regional entry fees is available to studios under the following conditions.

Online RegistrationFee RequirementFee ProcessingCompletion
Your acts must be entered online at (see link below) at least 45 days prior to the first published day of competition for the regional you plan to attend. NEW THIS YEAR: The required rebate form is not found here, but instead will be included as part of the entry process via Dance Comp Genie. Any additional acts from your studio entered after the 45-day deadline will not qualify.
Your total qualifying studio entry fees must equal at least $2,000.
Payment in full must be made via Cashier’s Check or Money Order, and also received by the 45-day deadline. Do not enter credit card information after entering acts online. Instead, follow the instructions for mailing your payment.
Your payment must include your total fees before the rebate. If all conditions are met, a rebate check will be made out in the studio name and presented to the studio director upon check in at the show.

Please mail/ship your payment in a manner that can be tracked to:


Talent On Parade
Rebate Program
137 Pirner #5
Haysville, KS 67060

Remember, certified checks only (cashier’s check or money order).
Studio checks and credit/debit card payments NOT accepted for rebate program.