July 30 – Aug. 2, 2017


summer workshop

is a unique opportunity for serious young dancers, ages 9-12,
to explore the road ahead in the dance industry.


It’s a workshop designed for those who absolutely love to dance, can’t get enough of it, and think they might want to dance for a living someday. A parent or guardian joins each young dancer and will also learn what to expect as dance training progresses, and how to best help along the way.

The T.O.P. Pre-Pro Pre-Teen Workshop includes:


Four days of training, feedback, and guidance

from amazing and well-connected dancer/choreographers from Las Vegas and L.A. These are working professionals with international credits who encompass many genres of dance, stage performance, television, movies, music videos, industrials, audio recording and more.


on auditioning, headshots, bios, video reels, makeup, networking, and expectations in training and attitude.

An individual “So You Think You Can Dance” style audition

Feedback from the audition will be provided immediately to the dancer and parent from a panel of professional dancers and choreographers.

2 tickets to a performance of KIDZ ROC

a full theatrical professional production at the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson, Missouri. This show showcases the efforts of the TOP Go Pro dancers and also includes performances by other child-related dance troupes and variety acts.

Accommodations, some meals, shopping and sightseeing opportunities.

Admission to the workshop is by invitation only
and has always included around 60 dancers.


Invitations and scholarships are awarded at each
of our Talent On Parade regional competitions.

Contact the TOP office for more information by emailing