Question: Do you have paper entry forms?

Answer: NO. We do not accept paper entries. All acts must be entered online.

Question: What date do I use to establish a performers age?

Answer: Age as of January 1. This is a change in the rules that started with the 2013 season.

Question: Should I round up or down when averaging ages for duets, trios and groups?KR6

Answer: Simply drop the decimal point and any numbers that follow when averaging (thereby rounding down). For example: The average age of your group comes out to be 12.8. Drop the decimal point (.8) and your group falls in the 11-12 age division. These calculations will be made for you automatically when you enter online.

Question: What is the competition entry deadline?

Answer: Entries must be processed online with payment in full no later than 21 days prior to the first day of competition, unless you’re expecting a rebate (see below). However, entries are accepted on a “first come, first served” basis and may be limited due to available performance time. Many of our shows closed out last season PRIOR TO THE PUBLISHED DEADLINES. You are encouraged to enter as early as possible. Note also that entries are not considered “received” until paid in full and thus, unpaid entries may be bumped by paid entries entered at a later date.

DD1Question: What is the REBATE entry deadline?

Answer: Rebate entries must be entered online and paid 45 days prior to the first day of competition. Additional qualifications are required as detailed on the Rebate Form.

Question: I need to send my rebate payment to you overnight. What is your physical office address?

Answer: 137 Pirner Ste. 5 , Haysville, KS 67060

Question: Do you accept credit card payments?

Answer: YES, unless you’re expecting a rebate (see above) . Credit/debit card payment is required to process entries, unless they are rebate acts which must be paid via money order or cashiers check.Comp2

Question: Will I be able to take photos or video of my child’s performance?

Answer: NO. Video taping and photography of any kind is strictly prohibited. This rule has been established at the request of our studio directors and teachers to protect their rights in choreography, costuming, etc. In most cases, however, a staff photographer and videographer will be available to professionally meet your photo and video needs.

Question: Can I upload my performance music?

Answer: YES, we are encouraging everyone to upload their performance music at least 14 days prior to the first day of the competition you will attend. Instructions on uploading music will be automatically provided immediately following successful submission of payment for your entries.

Question: Can I enter “Special Awards” categories (Photogenic, TOP Entertainer) at the door?

Answer: NO. We do not accept these entries at the door. All specials need to be pre-registered  and paid during online entry.

HS7Question: Can I jump off the front of the stage during my performance?

Answer: NO. We are no longer allowing that. This rule has been put into effect for the safety of the performers, judges and audience members.

Question: When and where do I turn in my photo(s) for the photogenic contest?Comp22SoloGirl2_700x818

Answer: Bring the photo(s) with you the day of the show (DO NOT MAIL). Turn them in at the merchandise table by the deadline that will be listed in your studio confirmation (generally
2-3 hours prior to solo
awards presentations). Remember, the photogenic contest is for individuals only (one person per photo). And, the person entering must perform on stage at some point during the competition in a solo, duet/trio or group act.

Question: Is there a time limit for setting up props?

Answer: YES. Production props must be in place within 2 minutes of the time the prior act has cleared the stage. Props for all other solo, duet/trio, or group acts must be in place within 1 minute. Hint: If the use of power tools are necessary on stage to set up your prop, you should probably reconsider your prop.

Question: Is liquid allowed on stage?

Answer: NO. Liquid of any kind is prohibited on stage. This includes water, paint, hairspray, fog, etc.